Tuesday, February 28, 2006

cozy on the sill above the radiator...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Andrea and I walked across the GWB today. It was FUH-REEZING. But we had eaten a big breakfast at the diner (I had french toast, side of bacon, french fries and some feta), and layered up so we were toasty.

Pix below...

Looking across toward NY from Ft. Lee Historic Park...

Post-9/11 telescope...

Walkway from Washington Heights...

On the bridge...brrrrrrrrr.

Friday, February 24, 2006

This is a piece of down that snuck out of my coat this morning. Its so light it floats and is drawn by even the slightest waft of air or static electricity. I put it on my desk and blew it into the air, and it floated for a second - looking like a tendriled anemone - then drifted back toward my coat on the chair about 3 feet away, where it landed delicately, as if longing for proximity to its brothers and sisters.

I wonder what the goose thinks.

This is a really tall bald guy rifling through his briefcase on the subway this morning...

This guy knows what he's talking about...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Andrea is a booger-putting, bandwidth-snarfing jerkball. As I type this, she's picking her nose and putting her boogers on a) my ankles b) the back of my laptop, and c) my pants.

Let it be known.
Had a funny conversation tonight with a dude at a bar. Andrea and I had gone out for dinner after a day that was tiring for both of us. We stopped by P&G bar for a post-prandial drink (after randomly running into Suzanne on the street). This dude next to us was a gregarious guy, funny, talked a lot, good spirit. You sit down next to a lot of people at bars ya know...We discovered some coincidences...he went to Yale, and i am from new haven, so we both loved Pepe's pizza. And it turns out his younger cousin is a classmate of Andrea's at Fordham b-school, not just at Fordham, but within her particular study program. We played the what's-Andrea's-ethnic-background game, as many people seem to enjoy. And he guessed Aleutian/something else, and Mongolian Jew, and Asian/something else. It was funny.

He gave us his business card, so I emailed him to say it was fun to talk to him.

Just a funny thing...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

another test to see how long it takes to post...sending at 440pm

Bonsai is officially toast...

1034am hitting publish

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Check out these two songs from Kevin's (my guitar teacher) new band:



Probably easier to right click, save as...

Cool stuff. There's more at his site: www.guitar69.com

Monday, February 20, 2006


Dizzying Rise and Abrupt Fall for a Reservation Drug Dealer

Great article from today's Times...about a Lummi Indian woman out in Washington State who quickly went from poverty to "riches" by selling OxyContin. Article is kind of long, but worth it.

It mentions a couple whose baby died after eating an OxyContin pill off the carpet.

"The couple, Ms. Phair said, later tried to trade her the dead baby's clothes — a tiny down jacket, socks still on their Kmart plastic hangers and a batch of unused diapers in an open box, all of it stuffed into a black garbage bag — for OxyContin. She turned them down, she said."

Nice one, eh? But this woman did seem to have ethical boundaries. She also refused to smuggle drugs in religious articles.

The woman is out of jail now and struggling to make ends meet...makes just enough money to be ineligible for gov't assitance. She seems like a strong and smart woman. The times should do "where-are-they-now" articles. I'd read this one...truth is definitely more interesting than fiction.
Had a bunch of folks over for drinks last night. It was fun. Andrea and I made a bunch of yummy food. We were trying to be low key about the whole thing, but ended up spending a lot of time on it. We need to entertain more often so we become more efficient entertainers...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Andrea and I went to see the movie Winter Passing today. For me, it started out kind of annoying but got better, and ended up pretty decent all in i guess...

It made us want to dye our hair black and be all somber and shit and smoke too much and put the butts out on our palms, so we went and got some smokes and went to mullens and had some drinks.

Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought some glasses, a kitchen rug, a set of four cheese knives, a strainer that fits in the sink, serving plates and a pound of pistachios.


So the transition to self-hosting is complete, thus the new url: thomasianbrown.com/blog. Had some glitches with posting stuff, but it all works now.

I do realize that this message is of no importance, but part of the fun of doing the blog for me is effing around with the technology.

We're havin' some folks over for drinks tomorrow night, since its a long weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Looks odd, sounds gross, tastes FUCKING AWESOME...my dinner/late snack tonight:

4 Morningstar Farms breakfast patties topped with sour cream and Frank's hot sauce, perhaps the two greatest condiments of all time. Frank's is definitely #1.

Man Coughs Up Nail 35 Years After Accident

No relation to photo below, which is of the dude Cheney shot...
Ouch...that's gonna leave a mark...

I think I might have killed my bonsai when I didn't water it while I was in Spain...its all dry and crumbly now. I'll be sure to post health tracker updates...

this is an audio post - click to play
Pics from Jer...his watiress from a few nights ago and cool trees in Northern Ghana...

Feed of my last post didn't show up on my google page until between 235-240am. what the eff...
Testing to see how fast this updates rss feed...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nick Salomon ladies and gentlemen...

Nice pic of Jer in Frica...Sunday was his birthday, and I forgot...

More U.S. Aid Will Be Sought for Louisiana

I guess to be fair, given my earlier post, I should note the headline

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

That's right...

I am fucking techno MASTER!!!

QUICK! Look right...I got it. It was the folder issue, for all those die-hard readers on the edges of their seats.

I think I'm gonna lose all my cell pix...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Neurotic food log of today, which includes all substances ingested, not just food (commentary in parens):
  • Medium decaf hazelnut coffee with 3 Splendas and half & half (from coffee shop on corner before going up to work)
  • Plain yogurt (not sure about fat content) with granola and sliced strawberries on top (with the coffee)
  • One Marlboro Light (bought a pack at around 10am stressing about meeting scheduled for noon)
  • Another Marlboro Light (immediately post noon meeting - starving, right before lunch)
  • Turkey sandwich on a roll with swiss, mayo and lettuce (was gonna go healthy, didn't)
  • Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos (accompaniment to turkey sando)
  • Two small bags of Sun Chips (I didn't feel adequately sated by the Doritos)
  • Another Marlboro Light (early mid-afternoon tweak indulgence)
  • Bottle of Heineken (upon arrival back home)
  • 3 more bottles of Heinken (these with dinner - went out with Andrea for V-day)
  • Eggplant and mushroom cake with Chipotle sauce (appy)
  • Tilapia filet, cup of brown rice, sauteed yellow and green squash and broccoli (entree)
  • A Marlboro light 100 (left other pack at work, bought pack after dinner, bodega only had 100s)
  • Makers Mark manhattan (went to bar near restaurant, having thrown it all out the window)
  • One half square of semi-sweet baker's chocolate (box of chocolate found recently in the back of cupboard, have been snarfing half squares ever since)
  • 3 Lorna Doone cookies (eaten with above chocolate - fucking DELISH)
The trajectory here is obvious: I wake up a bundle of will power and slowly devolve into a soft mass of self-indulgence...yogurt and granola becomes three bags of chips with lunch then beer, manhattans and cigarettes. I do, however, commend my choice of entrees for dinner. Tilapia, brown rice and veggies is righteous from my colon's perspective...

Valentine's day rose at the bodega across the street...snapped during purchase of first heineken mentioned above...

Monday, February 13, 2006

From today's NYT:

U.S. Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies

Hotel Aid Ends, Sending Evacuees in Search of Shelter

Despite my belief that Gee-Dub is bad for the US and bad for the world, I'm usually not one for political statements. I just couldn't help but notice the flagrant disconnect apparent in the two headlines above.

I guess I forgot again...why do governments exist?

Snow on the rooftops and water towers...from the office.

Video of Andrea and me taking a walk in the snow last night (click to stream, right click-save target to download).

I still can't figure out how to get a screenshot of it saved as a jpeg...hrumf.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nice pix of me and Andrea taken by Betsy, taken back in October or November I think, outside of WXOU...
Another pic I like from there...one-legged dude avec git...

This is a cool pic I got from the Library of Congress. I first found this pic back in like 1996 or 1997 when I worked in LA and was surfing around one day. I refound it recently after coming across a print of it I had made with the original URL on the bottom of the page.

If you haven't been to the Library of Congress website (American Memory section), you should go, its amazing...tons and tons of photos, movies and audio recording from long long ago.

This pic is of burlesque dancers at a fair in New Hampshire or Vermont in the 1940s. I want to make a nice print of it and frame it...
Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter
I bet he didn't apologize...

Look how spent I look. My right eye looks like its dead and starting to roll back into my head, and I have a hooligan haircut...

This is me right after I posted that last entry. I also posted a pic of me looking like I just rolled out of the grave, friggin scary.


Had more than two feet of snow here overnight, and its still coming down, if barely. This is looking out our livingroom window onto Pinehurst Ave.

A good day to do nothing. We got out of bed around 1030am. I went and got biscuick and we made pancakes for a late breakfast, then I read some - the Ben Franklin virtue book, and the Jacques Pepin cookbook Andrea got me. Inspired by the cookbook, I made the tomato and egg gratin from it. It was yummy. I went out and bought a baguette from Frank's and a couple beers and we had a yummy lunch. Now its 423pm and I'm sitting on my couch writing this.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bailey and Lucy cutefest...

Went to karate today for the first time in two weeks. Smoking and drinking a lot for the past two weeks has not been good to me. Gotta get back on the wagon...
OK Liz, I changed the color...is this better?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lookit how haahhhhht Andrea is...

And bedspread, shoulda used flash, but it burned out the spread...

Bored stiff in Norwood, taking pix of ceiling...

Roar onions, as in: "Yuh wan' grilled uh roar onions on yuh burgah, hun?"

That's how the waitress at the Outback Steakhouse in Norwood, Mass says it: roar...not raw.

Idea for a series of short films: multiple occasions of people saying "dynamite honey" in different contexts.

This occurred to me tonight at the Outback.

Waitress: "How are your steaks guys?"
Guys: "Dynamite, Honey." (No one actually said that, but I might have)

Cute litte girl: "Daddy, what are these red sticks?"
Daddy: "That's dynamite honey, put it down. Daddy told you not to look in there."
I'm leaving work early today to drive up to our office near Boston. Woohoo.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


blog of one of Andrea's classmates...its a good one...lots of great pics of his family.
I found the pic below on a site called boingboing.net. Its just random cool shit. I like sites like that. It's what got me started on this blog: frustration with just surfing the NYT and watching my stocks led to forced exploration to find cool sites...anyhoo.
Look at this insane picture. Its real. Its a housing developement in Mexico City. Apparently its a dude with a helicopter who flies over Mexico City and takes pix. Click here to go there.

A rat was inside my subway car tonight when I took the A train up from B'way/Nassau, where I had been for a meeting. It was funny. We were all in our PM rush hour daze when we heard a bunch of shrill screams from the other end of the car, then people laughing.

The rat scurried down towards our end, and all the girls screamed just like the girls on the other end had, then we all started laughing. Some people looked quite scared. One pale, middle-aged guy with glasses got on at 125th and took a seat, then hastily got up and headed for the other end of the car when someone told that there was a rat. Spotting the rat scurrying beneath the seats, everyone would laugh, and chatter a bit, some in Spanish.

The rat got off at 168th street, and the Dominicans on the train said: "Salió, ya salió."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Lucy with shoes and socks on the bedroom floor.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is my beef and mashed on the flight over to Spain.

Andrea's Johnny Cash impersonation.

We went to Logan and Betsy's tonight to watch the superbowl. Logan and Betsy always put out a fab spread. It always makes me and Andrea feel like we need to have people over, because we always go over there.

I forget why Andrea was giving me the finger.

Got back from Spain yesterday afternoon. Good to be back home. I still feel like I need a vacation.