Wednesday, February 28, 2007

there was even one on my street today when i was walking home from work...

Our chaotic 2nd bedroom at dawn...

Definitely tops the list of "projects." Things in this picture that should find a proper home: guitar I borrowed from Logan like three months ago, crock pot last used at xmas, cooler that's been out since Thanksgiving, two extra lamps, tool box I had out to tighten the legs on our coffee table, iron and ironing board I had out to iron jacket I wore to Andrea's graduation, extra chairs from last time we had company (months ago), xmas tree stand and decorations which are under the extra coffee table, a bunch of branches we bought at some furniture store, piles of books, papers and unread magazines, orange bag that has my nail care items, box of negatives on top of cooler (was thinking of getting a 35mm neg scanner), black aerobed bag from xmas.

Where the hell am I supposed to put all these things?

Andrea's Grad

She's officially an MBA now! Go Andrea! Some pix from last Friday.

It's posed and cheesy but this I like this picture because the words in the background for me resonate with Andrea and her Mom. Her mom teaches under-privileged students in Buffalo.

...and this one's just cute.

old beds

Old/abandoned beds seem to be a recurring theme in popular art photography. I suppose as objects, they're rife with symbolic connotations. Reminds me of this poem by John Berryman (definitely listen to him read it on that link...its great).

First two images are from here and here by Adam Holtzman and Jeff Wall. Remainder are Alec Soth's from here.

Monday, February 26, 2007

My commute

Waiting for the 'vator to get the eff out out of work

closing the pod bay doors

dreary sky outside office



me in front of stock exchange, down the street from my office. i got a haircut today...#3 clip on the sides, nice and tight.



entering mouth of beast

lady in hat

entering belly of beast

A train I just missed

psyched commuters

another psyched commuter

lady holding her son...she looked like a pieta

dude crashed out...i wish i could do this on the subway, just bring my favorite blanket and put it over me when i sit down

last light barely visible through grain of shitty camera phone upon emerging from the subway

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Great Day in India

I'm breaking one of my golden rules of blogging by posting "work" pictures here, but today was such an adventure and a treat that I had to. A few pix from yesterday in Mumbai first, then from a picnic today on the farm of the uncle of one of my colleagues. About18 or so of us went out from Pune after a morning of cricket and had fantastic picnic on a huge farm.

In a cab in Mumbai

In a Jain temple in the hills above central Mumbai, had to be sly so this was shot from the hip...

Streets in Mumbai

Traffic light in Mumbai in front of the train station

Kitty in the rice on the farm

My colleagues

Walking out further to the picnic site

Fuel for the fires

Stoking the flames and arranging stones for the pots

Onions in oil...just the beginning


Getting ready to add spices in green is wife of colleague who hosted

In the thick of it

Hosts in a quiet moment

The food, better than I've ever had in Manhattan, and it was prepared over an open flame in a guava grove. The plate isn't paper, but pressed out of tree bark.

Looking out over a river at a man grazing his cattle

Same first I thought he minded my taking his pix, but when my colleagues came up he sweetened up and when I showed him his picture on my camera he said, "If I'd known I was going to be photographed I would have shaved."

His grazers

Washing up

My colleagues

Getting a turban as honored cool?

I don't look dumb here...

Friday, February 16, 2007

PS: Accomodations in Mumbai are SHWANK, as opposed to the skank in London (and almost the same price)...too bad I'm only here for a night.

In Mumbai

Just got here today from London. Pretty cool. Feels oddly not foreign when compared with New York and other places I've been...kinda like a combination of Guadalajara (dust, shack-sized stores, honking cars) and the Indian part of Manhattan. On to Pune tomorrow.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

trip to london

living room morning i left.

over the atlantic

approaching london

my skank hotel room

pissoir in fancy restaurant

taxi on the way home...was a bit sloshed, so this is really how it looked

view from skanky hotel bed next morning when i couldn't sleep

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pix from today...

Went to CT to see Mom at Liz's, watch the Superbowl, then took off to pick up Andrea at JFK. On the way to CT, I stopped in New Canaan and walked around in a park to take pix, froze my ASS off. Had fun with Alev and Zach jumping on the bed.

Deer prints...

Funky dude knitting at the airport...

Dudes watching Superbowl...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good stuff from Jer...

Jer and Dave Winfield, and a funny pic of Jer, Leanne and Nadia from their website.